1. Portable battery controlled panels

The NS Compactor series, are large-capacity portable battery generators that you can use for camping, business trips, family trips, in a cottage or in the office.

Thanks to the weight of these units being between 12 to 20kg, you can transport it according to your current needs.

You can choose from four battery capacities – 1.2, 1.5, 1.8 or 2.4kWh.

Charging is possible from the grid or the solar panel.

Also suitable for building a small off-grid system in a cottage.




2. Stationary battery energy storage

NS Olin, NS Mayor, NS Grandior or NS Trifasor series. All-in-one solutions that include an integrated battery with BMS, inverter, MPPT controller and electrical protection – all in one box, ready to connect to solar panels.

Solar electricity storage that you can use in places with unstable or no grid connection or as an off-grid/hybrid system for a cottage, family home or business.

Depending on the selected type of storage, you can connect appliances with a power input of 2000W to 5,000W, you can also choose the capacity of the integrated Li-ion battery from 3 to 30kWh as needed.

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Why get battery storage for electrical power?

1. Increasing Electricity Price

Nano solar storage systems help you not to worry about electricity bill any more by maximizing independence from utility power. Our ESS distributes solar energy, battery stored energy and utility grid to your house automatically in the most economical way.

2. Decreasing Feed-in Tariff

Some house owners can’t get extra profit from grid-tied roof PV system any more as FiT is lower than electricity price. Compared to others who installed PV system years earlier, the followers need much longer time for return of investment. However, the followers have a new chance to lessen their loss from new favorable incentive policies for PV system with storage.

3. Generating Time Doesn’t Match Use Time

The primary goal of a self-consumption system is to optimize the use of solar and/or wind power. The major obstacle in such a system is that power generation time does not match with the actual times of power use. In an optimized self-consumption system, surplus energy is stored for local on demand use.

Such energy storage like nano solar all-in-one ESS is becoming an increasingly attractive proposition, especially with feed-in tariffs decreasing and grid supplies becoming more expensive.

4. Unexpected Power Outage

Nano solar ESS with UPS function offers uninterrupted power supply in case of utility outages to keep your important loads running, such as lamp, refrigerator, fan, CCTV, Wi-Fi and computer, etc. The Mother Nature does give us some lessons by showing the consequence of destroying the biosphere balance, like tornado, flood, etc.

5. Discriminating Electricity Prices

In some areas with discriminating electricity prices, ESS can charge battery automatically when electricity rate is low and power your house during peak time. The house owner can get profit from the price difference and shorten ROI period.

6. PV System Refurbishment & Update

The life span of solar panel is 20 years while inverter 10 years normally. This mismatch requires to refresh PV system. Also, adding PV system with storage will bring more benefits to house owner besides the subsidy from government incentive policy. Nano solar energy storage systems can be coupled with an existing PV system regardless of PV voltages with almost no installation required, let alone new PV installation.

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