Hybrid system 5 kWp with 20 kWh battery storage

I bought a 5kWp power plant from nano solar with NS Grandior 5.0 storage with a battery capacity of 20kWh and I am satisfied.

Although it is at 5kW, it can handle short-term overloads of up to 7kW. Then it resets during the peak and starts up again within one minute. This is fully sufficient for household needs.

The capacity of the battery is just right, it always consumes 40% by morning, then I switch to the mains due to the lifespan. By evening time in summer it is fully charged.


Visually and mechanically, it is precision, the parts fit well together, with an attractive varnish. Everything is soundly made. The display is easy to read, the system intuitive, quick to respond.

~ Mr. S., owner of a family home, Pilsen

370Wp off-grid system with 1.2kWh battery

We supplied this small off-grid system to a couple who have a Mongolian yurt in the middle of a meadow where there is no access to the network.

The requirements were: to be able to use a small refrigerator, recharge their phones, and have light.


We used one 370Wp photovoltaic panel, to which we simply connected the NS Compactor 1200 with a battery capacity of 1.2kWh and an output of up to 1,000W. This storage solution is portable (weight is 12kg), so when moving back to the family home in winter, they simply unplug the NS Compactor and store it for the next season.


The complete price of the system was 37,500CZK, of which the NS Compactor cost 31,990CZK and 5,600CZK for the panel, construction and other fine materials.

    Photovoltaic power plant 5kWp with accumulation in the battery 7.8kWh

    I recommend the photovoltaic power plant to anyone who wants to be able to have partial or complete independence from electricity providers. Thanks to my battery-powered power plant, I don’t have to worry about power outages, because the energy from the sun and the battery will keep my household running for more than 24 hours. Another indisputable advantage is the cost savings to electricity distributors, my power plant will save me 22,000CZK a year

    ~ Mr. F., owner of a family home, Líbeznice

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