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We deliver across Europe

We will deliver the ordered goods within a few days, wherever you are.

We consider ourselves experts in electricity generation and storage systems.

2013 – we established the parent company nano power

We focus on powerful traction batteries for electric/hybrid vehicles. These are mainly buses, trolleybuses, trams or heavy equipment. We are the exclusive European distributor of LTO batteries Altairnano, the most powerful batteries in the world.

Our most important customers today include, for example:

  • Škoda Transportation
  • Škoda Electric
  • Ekova Electric
  • ABB
  • ČEZ
  • and many transport companies from various Czech cities: Ostrava, Pilsen, Brno, Pardubice, Ústí nad Labem, Hradec Králové or Teplic

Over the years, there has been a growing demand for stationary energy storage, which serves as a back-up power source in an outage, a frequency equaliser or a regulator of peak fluctuations in the network. We have responded to this demand and, in addition to traction batteries for vehicles, we also supply energy storage, most often as part of solar or wind farms.

Not only large power plants and companies, but also ordinary citizens are beginning to show an interest in renewable sources, and the possibility of at least partial independence from the distributor and thus the accumulation of energy created from domestic photovoltaics.

2019 – Nano Solar comes into existence

We took advantage of our long experience with the supply of accumulation systems, time-tested contacts and began to supply all-in-one solutions to the Czech market. This is a modern and very popular technology abroad, where you have only one device connected to solar panels. It contains not only the battery, but also the hybrid converter and other necessary components. Remember how we used to carry an MP3 player in one pocket, a cell phone in another and a camera in one bag? Today, all this is included in one compact device, a mobile phone. Our all-in-one repositories work on the same principle.

There are stationary storage solutions for your home or business, as well as portable storage solutions for the supply of electricity to a cottage, caravan or even when you go fishing.

Primarily our work is our passion. On a daily basis, we monitor trends in the field of accumulation and renewable sources, and draw inspiration from such foreign markets, which the Czech Republic have overtaken in this respect. We are aware that it is not easy for the layman to understand this issue immediately. That is why we are always prepared to patiently answer your questions and help you design an appropriate solution within your financial limit. This is a large investment and that is why we approach our position responsibly.

We have a technical background in the Czech Republic, so have flexibility in solving any possible technical problems or questions.

Many thanks to all our customers who support us. We promise not to disappoint you.

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